Higgins and Higgins provide courses during the academic year for both students and teachers. If interested in receiving information on any upcoming courses, please register your interest via the form on this page.

Courses are arranged on a demand basis. The venue for these courses will be in Birr or Dublin. However, if there is enough interest, a course can be organised in a venue to suit you. For queries, please contact us here.

Courses are built to provide help with elements in the Junior and Leaving Certificate exams and are specifically aimed at those exams. They can be organised for the different stages or levels of the participant. Currently, the levels are Initial, Booster and Revision (I and II). The topics will be an element or a mixture of the following:

  • Music Technology
  • Composing
  • Set Works
  • Irish Music
  • Theory, Score Reading and Aural

Course can be designed for a group or on a one to one basis. The course length can vary from 2 hours to full day courses. A package of courses can also be designed.

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