Unfortunately, CDs which accompany educational books and literature cannot be sold separately. There is no VAT on educational books. A CD that accompanies a book cannot have a track listing. To comply with VAT regulations, it cannot be a stand-alone product.

To overcome this problem for our customers, we brought out Listening workbooks A and B that are based on the audio clips which appear on the textbook CDs 2 and 3. Therefore, if you have lost a textbook CD, you will be able to replace it by buying one of these. Additionally, you receive further exam reinforcement from that workbook!

For all orders under €20 euro, postage costs €3.

For all orders over €20 euro and under 20 kilos, postage costs €5.

Because it would add a further 33% (minimum) to your cost.

No, not without checking with our office first (at 057-9125923 first or at info@leavingcertmusic.com)